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Biodoser 50

Biodoser 50

Biodoser 50 is an equipment for the dosing of biomass (corn silage, grass silage, crop residues, etc.) into the biogas fermenter. The entire structure is built on the machine carrying the base frame on which is mounted bath dispenser, floor chain conveyor and the dispensing unit. Bottom flange frame is ready for mounting strain gauges electronic weighing scales, which are included. Bath is assembled from heavy steel plates and reinforced with steel profiles. The size of the bath can be adjusted according to customer requirements in volume to 50 m³. Double chain conveyor moves the loaded material to dosing unit. The travel speed of the conveyor is controlled electronically by a frequency converter and directly affects the size of the dose. Dispensing unit consists of 3 horizontal separating cylinders. These cylinders mill and regularly dose material into the worm conveyors filling fermenter. Worm conveyors are not included, but it is possible to supply them. The machine is equipped with SKF lubrication and the central switchboard for control of all equipment including worm conveyors.

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