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New type of stationary separators bales RBS-3VA is a machine for separating straw bales for further processing for feed or energy(direct combustion, production of pellets, etc.). Stamped package with herbaceous material (cereal straw, hay, sorrel, reed, Miscanthus, etc.) in square and round forms are separeted using 3 horizontal rotating cylinder fitted with spiral blades stored.

Moisture contained in the package optimally to 15 - 20 % in cases where material are further processed to produce pellets or direct combustion. This figure is not limiting when the machine is used for storage performance biogas plant material, etc.

Separation must be preceded by preliminary treatment packages consisting of trim away of package belts, removing all packaging materials - rope, nets, foils, etc., so as to come into contact with the cutter machine. Otherwise, they are wrapped in the milling cylinder, and significantly reduces the power and effectiveness of machine cutting unit. It can also occur self-ignition of crabbed ropes and nets because of friction in the location of the ignition cylinders. Packages should not contain stones, wood, machinery parts, steel wires, sheets and so on. to avoid excessive wear and damage to the cutter blades, any destruction of separated tract. For these reasons must be given prior to their acceptance packages incorporating the appropriate attention.

Performance and processing time is dependent on package size and weight, moisture, crop length of the stalk (presses with or without cutting) and movement speed feed conveyor. The main difference of new model is direct drive of every separating cylinder and more than 2 times higher speed of them, now 950 rpm. Drive of down and middle cylinder have 7,5 kW, upper one has 3 kW. Separators in a basic version comes with its own feeding conveyor lenght 3 m. that is possible increse by customer inquiry or add additional conveyor. There is transverse conveyor under the outlet case, that transport separated material to the side of the machine or to the next conveyor, usually ´for transport to another technology.

In the head of separator output chamber is positioned cover for the implementation of cleaning and maintenance. The machine includes the electric switch board with control unit, where is elctronically secured overloading of milling cylinders and speed off feed conveyor with increased current consumption of electric drives the cylinders. This unic comunicates with central control system of whole technology line or with control units of another machines. Special switch guard level of separated material in outlet and speed of feed conveyor, too. 

The machine can be supplied without electric switch board and with free terminals for electric connection to the central control cabinet lines, but only with special conditions. Anchoring the machine is made by steel flanges to the supporting structure, which is not included and is based on construction and technological solutions line.

STS Olbramovice provide any technical information needed to install the machines, conveyors connecting dimensions, the thrust flanges straw. Separator and conveyors are supplied without supporting structures, which govern the height of the line. These structures can provide the customer. STS hand over connect sizes to the customer  for these structures.

The machine is designed for installation inside the hall, where outdoor installation it is to be placed under shelter.

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