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Feed and bedding trailer with conveyor and blower

KAMZIK DOUBLE is the latest type of this trailer in our production program. Nevertheless, since it is a combination of two already proven variants of the KAMZIK feed and bedding trailers, only well-proven design nodes have been used there. This product is a combination of the KAMZIK F trailer, which is a version with a turbine blowing wheel mounted in the front, and the reversed variant of the classic KAMZIK with rear unloading using the crosswise

conveyor in a tilting version. The shredding rollers are mounted both in front behind the turbine wheel and at the back in front of the crosswise conveyor, Changing the front unloading to the rear one is made by simple moving the drive shaft to another input shaft on the trailer and changing the direction of the movement of the feed chain conveyor on the hydraulic distributor. The trailer designed in this way allows users to bed and feed using the turbine unloading up to a distance of 13-15 m, to feed into troughs or feeding corridors up to 1m from the trailer, bedding by means of a crosswise conveyor, as well as bedding into a corridor behind the trailer with the lowered crosswise conveyor. For controlling hydraulic drives, a distributor has been chosen, which is also available with the electric control as an option; it is located in the tractor cab and is connected to the trailer by a cable through the connector.

Mechanism drives and variants of execution:

  • mechanical drive of shredding rollers using the tractor drive shaft
  • hydraulic drives of the feed and crosswise conveyor with reversing and mechanical or electrical control
  • rear unloading without a crosswise conveyor
  • tipping crosswise conveyor with rear unloading for unloading behind
  • front unloading by blowing wheel for bedding up to the distance of about 13 m
  • front unloading using the crosswise conveyor and rear unloading behind without crosswise conveyor
  • disk cylinders for easier opening of bales

Technical specifications


Pohotovostní hmotnost (kg) 3700
Užitečná hmotnost (kg) 2500
Celková délka (mm) 7350
Celková šířka (mm) 2370 – 2600
Celková výška (mm) 2350 – 2700
Objem korby (m3) 9
Rozchod kol (mm) 1450
Průjezdnost nápravy (mm) 1780
Výška spodního okraje příčného dopravníku (mm) 790
Světlá výška (mm) 230
Náprava Jednoduchá
Brzdy Vzduchotlak
Počet kol 2
Pneumatiky 13,0/65-18
Maximální povolená rychlost (km/hod) 25
Svahová dostupnost 10°
Napětí elektrické instalace (V) 12
Maximální otáčky hřídele pohonu (U/min) 540
Požadovaný výkon traktoru (kW) 31
Maximální příkon (kW) 31

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