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Vertical mixing feed trailer

The MISAK V series of trailers has been designed for the preparation of mixed feed batches from bulk, baled, crushed, cut, or liquid feed for livestock. Also classical feed mixtures can be mixed with a combination of vitamins, minerals or enzymes, etc. In this way, MISAK V provides farmers with a convenient way to influence the structure and composition of feed so as to increase the quality of the feed mixture dose. This improvement in quality will consequently be reflected in milk yield, gain, productivity and cattle health.

Low costs of operation are ensured by selecting high-quality components, such as a high-precision gearbox that requires a low torque or two-stage additional gearbox, which allows for precise oscillation of the screws. Also the precisely selected size of the screw adapted to the dimensions of the hopper helps reduce operating costs.

A wide variety of additional and adjustable conveyors can be selected based on the need to set the feed. The emptying belt conveyor with the possibility of moving on both sides has an electric control.

The key to the proper and effective mixing of the feed ration consists in the design of stirring screws designed to optimally and evenly ensure proper mixing of the feed dose throughout the mixer. The worm gear reaches up to ¾ height of the hopper, which helps thoroughly mix the feed mixture so that it is always consistent, evenly and in the best quality ready to be fed to the feeding trough or corridor. The worm gear is reinforced both in the lower and upper parts, thus being protected from damage during operation, even when working with whole bales. The worm gear design optimizes the feed mixing process (including bales), which improves the efficiency of the mixing process, feed movement and utilization of the entire capacity of the vehicle.


  • additional and adjustable belt conveyors
  • electro-hydraulic conveyor control
  • reversing camera
  • above standard weight system
  • stainless steel hem of the worm
  • LED lighting
  • hydraulically controlled counter cutter
  • and other possible choices from a wide range of accessories

Technical specifications


Type of vehicle Type MIŠAK V6 MIŠAK V8 MIŠAK V10 MIŠAK V12 MIŠAK V14 MIŠAK V16
  V 2200 2500 2500 2600 2600 2600
Overall width (mm) V-V - 2250 2260 2260 2260 -
  V-M - - 2450 2450 2500 -
  V 2270 2250 2500 2750 3020 3270
Overall height (mm) V-V - 2400 2750 3050 3340 -
  V-M - - 2650 2980 3250 -
  V 5200 5200 5250 5300 5340 5380
Overall length (mm) V-V - 5200 5250 5300 5340 -
  V-M - - 5250 5300 5340 -
  V 5 6 8 10 12 14
Number of knives per scroll V-V - 7 10 12 14 -
  V-M - - 10 12 14 -
Min. tractor power (kW)   30 30 30 35 40 50
Curb weight (kg)   3100 3500 3700 4050 4450 4790
Payload (kg)   2100 2800 3500 4200 4900 5600
Height of the discharge window
  810 810 810 810 810 810
Height of the upper edge of the conveyor (mm)   740 740 740 740 740 740

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